John Souza, PGA                                                                   
     Director of Instruction                                                                 
     TPI Certified - Titleist Performance Institute                                                
     Certified Personal Trainer - National Academy of Sports Medicine
Todd Manderson, PGA     
Director of Golf                    

Golf Services

My approach to golf instruction is simple; I want to help you play better. To play better, you may need to improve your technique, your mind, your body (TPI), or all three. Together, we will figure out what areas need attention, make a goal, work to achieve it, and use Video Analysis throughout to see results.  I want you to swing the golf club comfortably with sound mechanics and repeatability.  If you want a better swing, a better body to make that swing, and a stronger mind to drive it, come to the John Souza Golf & Fitness Academy @ Ballston Spa Country Club! Lets get to work!