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Maximize Your Full Potential.

Mechanics - Movement - Mindset

Working with Trackman in the off-season is about learning what YOUR pattern looks like, what it means, and how to take advantage of it in practice and on the golf course!


Golf Balls

Inital Golf Assessment


In this session, we will discuss your game, body, goals, and assess your tendencies using Trackman. This all will guide us as to what type of lesson package makes the most sense. 

Golf Bags

Lesson Packages

45 min

1 Lesson - $95
4 Lessons - $360
10 Lessons - $850


Golf club making. Shiny chrome golf club iron heads ready for assembly, on a work bench .

Custom Plans

in-season &
off-season plans

Create a plan that fits
your schedule.
Monthly, Bi-Weekly, Weekly

Rate Varies





John Souza, PGA
Director of Instruction

Ballston Spa Country Club


John was born and raised downstate and moved to the Capital Region after graduating from St. Bonaventure University with a degree in finance.

He started in the golf business looking for a weekend job, which turned into the Assistant Professional position at Stadium Golf Club in 2003, which then became the Head Professional Position (2006-2017).

It was during his time at Stadium than John began teaching and growing his teaching business, as well as his knowledge of the game. 

As the love of the game pushed him more toward teaching, he became involved with TPI and NASM to learn more about the body, injury recovery, and corrective exercise as a way to better understand golfers swings and to help more effectively. 



This winter is here and indoor sessions have been steady with students in the Trackman Studio improving and preparing for 2024.  Technology has made us all better in it's ability to be consistent, accurate, and really tell a story.  This is the time of year to learn from that information.


It's so much fun to see the golf swing that way and once you understand what the important numbers are and how they relate to each other. A light that has never existed in your mind turns on and you realize what an advantage you have going forward! 


Check the online calendar for available times for up to 7 days in advance, or email me if you are looking further out!


Happy New Year! 

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CoachNow is an app that gives us the ability to easily share and access videos, images, messages, and more! 


What we do

Male Golfer

"John is a golf genius. I'm striking the ball much crisper and longer than I ever have"

Tony kowalick

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